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Greg Bernhardt

About me

Hello, I’m Greg Bernhardt, a marketer specializing in Python SEO. I have a background in Information Studies from UW-Milwaukee in 2005 and have been involved in web design, development, and marketing since 1997. I currently work as a Sr. SEO Specialist at Shopify and have experience in various aspects of SEO. I’m known for creating Python tutorials for SEO automation and AI.

I’ve been featured on many podcasts and newsletters for my work, such as Mordy Oberstien’s The SEO Rant and Aleya Solis’s SEOFOMO.

Additionally, he has a longstanding commitment to (wiki page), where he aims to create an exceptional online physics and math community.

I’m interested in various areas such as AI, Python, NLP, Semantics, Knowledge Graphs, and Machine Learning.

Lately, I’ve been working hard on YouTube and Forum SEO.

I’ve lived in Milwaukee, WI my entire life and went to Waukesha South High School, graduating in 2001.


  • SEO (Content, Tech)
  • Python
  • AI
  • NLP
  • Semantics
  • Knowledge Graphs
  • SQL
  • Data Analysis

More About Me:

Recent News About Greg

Greg was thrilled to present on Topical Authority at MKE DMC live event in April 2024

Greg Bernhardt presenting live at the MKE DMC event in April 2024

AI-Generated Poem About Me

In the realm of knowledge, a luminary we hail, Greg Bernhardt, with wisdom’s sail unfurled, With Python’s code and SEO’s detailed trail, He guides us through the vast digital world.

From SEO strategies to algorithms’ might, He delves into the web’s intricate lore, With dedication, he seeks the SEO light, As his expertise grows, more and more.

But beyond the bytes and the coding’s dance, In the universe of physics, he’s found his call, Creating’s vast expanse, A beacon of learning, for one and all.

In forums filled with quarks and cosmic dreams, A community thrives, like stars agleam, Where questions roam like endless streams, In the world of physics, it’s a boundless scheme.

Greg’s garden of knowledge, evergreen and grand, In this digital age, a wondrous domain, Physics Forums, like grains of cosmic sand, Unites seekers of wisdom, where minds conjoin.

So here’s to Greg Bernhardt, the digital sage, Whose passion for learning, boundless and true, Through Python’s code and a physics stage, He inspires us all to seek what’s new.

Greg Bernhardt

Core Beliefs

  • Raising others up
  • Sharing what you learn
  • Empathy for the disadvantaged
  • Justice for those wronged

Greg Bernhardt’s Personal Fun Facts

  • I’ve polar plunged at the North Pole and Antarctica
  • I’m a huge soccer enthusiast (playing and watching)
  • I’ve run a marathon (1 and done!)
  • I’ve hiked Everest Base Camp
  • I once hit the front page of Reddit

My SEO Tweets

Advice For SEO

Find the parts of SEO you are passionate about and dive head first. Don’t compare, don’t doubt, just fall in and soak up what you love about SEO. A path to a successful life and career is self-evolution and service to others. The top skills are curiosity and perseverance.

SEO Content Characteristics

I created this diagram of SEO Content factors back in 2022 to visualize what matters when creating content for users and SEO.

Greg in Iceland

Visiting Iceland back in 2022 wearing my Rocket Clicks and Streamlit swag.

Greg’s Predictions for SEO in 2024

  • Various parts of Google SGE will be released in late summer in the normal SERP
  • Organic continues to be eaten up by SERP features
  • Communities will flourish under the new perspectives and forums SERP features
  • Schema is more important than ever to defend against organic loss
  • LLMs will be a defacto tool for marketers
  • AI content will continue to be shamed/shunned and Google will adjust spam filters
  • GEO will become a real thing in late 2024 (Generative Search Optimization)
  • YouTube and TikTok SEO will become more important to focus on